Insurtech Unscripted | with Ali Safavi

Is Underwriting A Bigger Opportunity Than Distribution For Insurtechs | With Dave Wechsler

February 22, 2023 Ali Safavi Season 1 Episode 3
Insurtech Unscripted | with Ali Safavi
Is Underwriting A Bigger Opportunity Than Distribution For Insurtechs | With Dave Wechsler
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On this episode Ali talks with Dave about how underwriting has traditionally been a process done manually. However, with the advent of new technologies, underwriting can now be done in an embedded fashion and more quickly. This could help to manage risk and speed up the entire insurance process. How to use data to avoid risk. The startups that came and left the insurance industry, and much more...

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At COVU we believe insurance started as a noble concept – bringing together communities with a common goal of taking care of each other. Yet, like many novel ideas, motives shift, and intentions are blurred over time. COVU’s vision for the future is about managing the risk of individuals, as opposed to just insurance, and refocusing on what’s most important: The People. With that same goal in mind We started the COVU podcast. A way to help everyone from established agencies to first time customers navigate the turbulent world of insurance plans and premiums. We discuss everything from starting an agency to choosing the right home insurance plan [could be whatever examples work best] and have a bit of fun along the way. 🎙️

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What is one of the most controversial ideas you have in insurance?
Let's talk about Big players getting into insurance
The future models of insurance?
Hippo strategy, hit rates lows but value large? Was that an ongoing thing?
PThe future as an idea of protection, manage risk not only insure you. Will that be part of the future?
Are the insurance companies moving into a more sophisticated risk management model or partners?
Having an agent is important but the technology is the big solution
What does 2023 look like? What are you looking forward and see happening?